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baccarat, blackjack, craps, fruitslots, fruit slots, roulette, videopoker, video poker

Basic rules

Be stronger than the gambling

     Before you try to play a game in a way to get real money it would be good to play first, if possible, for free. Try different games. Start with the most popular games like roulette, poker, baccarat, black jack, craps, where you will find a lot of books and theoretical analysis. It seems to be essential to understand a game perfectly, since some important points will emerge only after some time. Just reading a book about a game is really good preparation - see book section on our website (for instance craps books - and it is the first stage in preparation process - just theoretical stage, but there is the second stage of preparation based purely on experience.

     Try first different betting systems for free. See how they are working. Imagine yourself and write how you could bet, and after a game is finished, check net profit. Do it many times. And then check again. Is there net profit or not? If not, what could be changed? Were you able to control yourself or not. Did you satisfied your betting plan as you decided at the start of a game? The aim is simple - to win money. Read the article about creating a game, to see how our perception can be biased in a way that something, which seems to be obvious, is not obvious in reality.

      Remember - be disciplined. Plan your own strategy of winning based on some working systems. Understand that not every time it is possible to win. When some, previously planned criteria are met - stop a game. What is the most important is net profit. Don't be greedy. If you lost all money you won, it seems you had been probably greedy.

     If you can risk some amount of money - gamble with half of it. This way, even if you loose, you still have some money to gamble another day. Don't try to gamble with borrowed money, in a situation when you need money. It is not the greatest achievement to be psychologically disabled because of gambling - be sure they will not give you Cross of Merit for it. Learn how to win money and not to loose everything.
Verily, the great art is to understand when to stop.

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baccarat, blackjack, craps, fruitslots, fruit slots, roulette, videopoker, video poker

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